Cybersecurity for SME and small-medium organizations

POPP3R Cybersecurity is a Canadian consulting boutique. We are specialized in cybersecurity for small-medium businesses and non-profit organizations. It is all we do. And it works.

We will not fix your computer or your internal network: we will get you ready to face the growing cybercrime wave. From simply testing your team’s readiness, to achieving Canada’s CyberSecure Certification.

Reinforce your team

1. Cybersecurity awareness assessment

Doesn’t it make sense to know what are your team’s weaknesses before we run any further? As your team members have different roles and responsibilities, they most likely have different knowledge about cyberthreats. 

Put it simply: let’s find out where we are departing from before we start running.

What about starting with a FREE phishing test?

Reinforce your team

2. Tailored awareness cybersecurity plans for SMEs

Your unique organization’s structure, goals, and teams need a very unique set of skills and tools. One size does not fit all.  

We will design with you the working plan, including content, pace, and technological solution that better serves you. POPP3R Cybersecurity partners with leading SAT platforms like KnowBe4 and Wizer

Do you prefer a gamified solution? Let your employees compete for the win by designing their own phishing emails and spear-phishing their colleagues with MonkPhish.

3. Managed implementation

Joining a gym doesn’t make you fit, right?  While a necessary step in the good direction, launching a cybersecurity awareness plan is not enough: it needs to be implemented. 

Once we have defined the goals, contents, and tools of your organization’s learning plan, we will continuously track how your team members perform, what content they like the most (and less), how they progress… We will meet regularly with your organization’s designed person to check performance and set new goals and activities.

Think of us as the tutor your organization needs to be cyberprotected.

Detect IT weaknesses (before hackers do)

4. Penetration test and vulnerability analysis

Our Risk and Vulnerability Assessments will find the weak points in your computer and network defenses. The hidden back doors and outdated locks. We’ll identify and prioritize computer and network security issues, provide a clear path forward and work with your IT Staff to harden and protect your business assets.

5. Remediation and control

Suffered a ransomware attack? Has an employee had their email credentials compromised? Every event requires the right approach and solution to minimize the impact and remediate it in the most effective way.

Detect IT weaknesses

Manage and monitor

6. Ongoing monitoring

Automate the discovery of security flaws within your network perimeter quicker, easier, and more accurately with AppCheck.

Designed and developed by experienced penetration testers, it carries out regular scans to identify vulnerabilities which, if left unchecked, could quickly become a significant business risk. It works automatically, 24/7, so you and your IT team can be certain that your organization is running the latest software versions with the latest vulnerability patches.



Ongoing monitoring

Get certified

7. CyberSecure Canada

CyberSecure Canada is the new federal cyber certification program for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations with less than 500 employees (SMBs). Its goals are to raise the cybersecurity level among Canadian SMBs, increase consumer confidence in the digital economy, promote international standardization and better position SMBs to compete globally.

CyberSecure Canada requires SMBs to implement baseline security controls developed by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. These security controls are designed to give SMBs the greatest amount of protection – with the least amount of burden.

Complicated? We will handhold your company through the process and manage the implementation program from beginning to end, minimizing time, hassles, and costs.

Show clients, investors and suppliers that your business can be trusted.


8. Fractional CISO

Enhancing cybersecurity in SME and small-medium organizations does not necessarily translate into larger staff levels.

We take an active management role in your organization, implementing changes and leading programs just as your permanent CISO would, at a fraction of the cost.

External CISO

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