Promotion Terms

We bet you $100 that your email has been compromised.

1. This campaign’s goal is to promote cybersecurity awareness among Canadian small and medium businesses and organizations.
2. By participating, participants agree on these terms. Participation will be confirmed once an email address is entered to check if it has been reported in a data breach.
3. Once an email address has been entered, an automatic email will be sent to that email. This email will inform if the email address has been reported as breached or not.
4. In case the entered email address has not been identified as breached, the email owner will complete a form with full contact information. This information will be internally managed by POPP3R Cybersecurity and will never be shared with any third party.
5. On November 1, 2021, POPP3R Cybersecurity will randomly draw an email address from those reported as not breached that have replied with the required form.
6. POPP3R Cybersecurity will contact the owner of the winning email address to confirm the non-profit of his/her choice and his/her acceptance of POPP3R Cybersecurity publishing his/her name in LinkedIn and Facebook posts. Authorization for publishing the name of the winner is a requirement for participation. In case the winner doesn’t allow POPP3R Cybersecurity to publish his/her name, a new draw will be conducted.
7. In case the owner of the winning email cannot be contacted within the following 48 hours, POPP3r Cybersecurity will randomly draw another email address.
8. POPP3R Cybersecurity will donate CAD$100.00 to the non-profit indicated by the winner within the following 15 days. The non-profit needs to be included in the Government of Canada’s List of charities.

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